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Immediately After A Flood – Flood Damage Repair

When flood damage happens, it may be confusing as to where to go next. Should you begin the repairs yourself? Where do you even start? As a restoration company, we would suggest hiring a flood damage repair company to be called in to make sure the flood repair is done correctly and efficiently. If not, you could end up with mold growth, which will only increase your flood-related damages exponentially. This blog post will provide important information about flood damage repairs so that you can best decide for yourself as to the best course of action to take after experiencing a flood!

How To Ensure A Flood Doesn’t Occur In The First Place

If we talked about all flood damage prevention tips, this blog would most likely pages long. However, the best tip we can provide you to limit the chances of flood damage in the first place would be to conduct regular walkthroughs of areas in your home that are prone to water damage. For instance, check your basement frequently for cracks, severe damage, even mold. These are all signs that your basement is more prone to flood damage in the future. Furthermore, if you live in a flood zone, we recommend having a local restoration company’s number in your back pocket. This way they can quickly inspect your home and begin restoring it after a flood occurs.

When You First Encounter The Flood

When you first encounter a flood in your home the best thing you can do right away is try to get the water out of your home. Now, this must seem like the most obvious course of action, however, we feel it’s important to say nonetheless. As soon as your home receives water damage it is imperative that all the water damage is removed quickly so more damage such as mold does not occur.

Furthermore, once you begin removing the water your next thoughts would most likely begin to dry the area. This is exactly what you should be doing. Grab fans, pumps, dehumidifiers, etc. anything really that will help get the area that was impacted by the water damage dried fast. As for pumping the water out, a sump pump will greatly help you out here. If your sump pump failure was the reason the flood occurred in the first place, try to repair it before continuing with the flood repair process. If it is beyond repairable, a restoration company can help with sump pump repair as well.

Now – Assess The Damage

Once the area is as dry as possible, it’s time to assess the damage in your home. This step is mainly to provide evidence to your insurance company of damage at the time of the flood. Take photographs, collect documents, collect receipts of furniture, etc. All of these items will help build up your case when you eventually will file a flood damage insurance claim. If you do not have flood damage insurance, it is something you should definitely talk to your agent or company about. This will help with the financial burden after a flood event has happened and hopefully get some of your life back into order sooner than later!

Check For Any Structural Damage As Well

When it comes to a flood, structural damage is sometimes unavoidable. This is because water damage will begin to eat away at any wooden support beams. Not to mention that water will also seep into your walls and begin to cause cracks fairly easily. When this happens the structural integrity of your home is in jeopardy. At this point, if this is the case, it’s time to call in the professionals. A restoration company will be able to come in and fix any structural concerns they notice in your home.

structural integrity of a home after a flood is a major concern. A restoration company can help with identifying any structural damage along with sealing the cracks, which is all part of the flood damage repair process
Structural damage is a major concern after a flood, which is why we recommend hiring a restoration company to both inspect and repair any structural damage to your property.

Contact A Local Restoration Company

When you need water damage restoration services, a flood damage restoration company is your best option. Why? Not only do they have the knowledge and experience to swiftly and professionally take care of any water damage in your home, however, they also have the equipment necessary that most homeowners likely do not have to clean the damage properly. The water damage restoration process can be a long and tricky one if not done correctly. Furthermore, a restoration company will take care of any other damage to your home or business that the flood unfortunately created. This includes mold damage, which will cause serious health issues.

Need A Flood Damage Restoration Company? Contact Rhode Island Restoration!

If you need help with the flood damage and water damage restoration process contact us here at Rhode Island Restoration today! Hopefully, we were able to inform you what to do immediately after a flood, should ever have to experience one. If you do, that’s where we come! Our restoration company has been servicing Rhode Island for over 18+ years. Contact us today for a free consultation and allow us to tell you more about our process and how we can help you when water impacts you and your home. We are here to help you. For any other type of service, you may need help with be sure to check out our services page.

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