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No matter what type of property damage you experience — water, fire, mold, or asbestos — rest assured that our IICRC-trained restoration professionals will work diligently to ensure a smooth and rapid recovery.


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When severe weather results in damage to your home or business, Rhode Island Restoration’s Emergency Storm Response is the company you can rely on to rapidly secure your property to minimize further damage. We will initiate the remediation process for damage caused by water and gusting wind. 

Our experienced team is always equipped to tackle the aftermath of storms with prompt and effective measures, ensuring the safety of your property and starting the necessary steps for comprehensive remediation. Count on Rhode Island Restoration to provide a ready, rapid, and reliable emergency response tailored to safeguard your property and its contents.

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fire damage

In the face of critical property damage emergencies demanding immediate attention, Rhode Island Restoration stands ready to respond. That’s why we have an emergency team on call 24/7 to help devastated property owners deal with the unthinkable by taking the steps necessary to begin the initial process of recovery.

We recognize the urgency of trying to salvage as much as possible and prevent further damage which is why we offer FAST and decisive action anywhere in Rhode Island. Whether it’s fire or water damage, we understand the need for rapid intervention to mitigate further harm. From salvaging valuable contents to initiating essential drying and dehumidification processes, we prioritize the restoration of your property. 

Emergency board-up services ensure that your premises are safely secured, When faced with critical property damage, trust Rhode Island Restoration for prompt and reliable assistance to safeguard your assets and restore a sense of hope and peace of mind.

emergency water damage

In the wake of unexpected disasters, Rhode Island Restoration stands ready to rapidly assist, offering round-the-clock emergency flood and water damage cleanup and extraction services. No matter  the hour of the day or night, our team is primed and ready to rapidly and reliably respond to your call.

With a commitment to readiness, we ensure our mobile disaster units are always fully stocked and ready to tackle any flooding or water damage scenario. From torrential downpours to burst pipes, our seasoned professionals possess the knowledge, tools, and resolve to mitigate the havoc wreaked by water swiftly and effectively.

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Why Choose Rhode Island Restoration?

Working with home and business owners for 20+ years has given us a deep understanding of the kind of stress people experience when dealing with property damage emergencies. We work to put people first and do everything we can to ensure comfort and convenience during your property’s restoration process.  With rapid, 24-hour emergency response and a satisfaction guarantee, it’s no wonder why Rhode Island trusts Rhode Island Restoration.

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Our team is on standby and ready to handle your property damage emergency in any Rhode Island city or town 24/7.

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On-call work crews quickly address emergency property damage to ensure rapid assessment and immediate action to mitigate further damage.



Our staff are completely licensed and certified to handle anything from smaller restoration projects to a full reconstruction project.

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If you need emergency property damage restoration services, please call 401-414-1111 for immediate response.