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Call our Rhode Island Restoration experts immediately if your property experiences flood damage or other structural or surface water damage. Timing is critical when dealing with water emergencies and problems, because water, while seemingly innocuous, can cause extensive damage to your home, and even more dangerously, to your health! From the minute we receive your call, our licensed and certified water damage restoration experts will work compassionately, professionally, and quickly to contain the water, and then minimize the damage.

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Our team is highly trained at water removal services and combatting water damage, and our experience comes from our years of high-quality experience in the business. Utilizing modern, specialized equipment, we will quickly get to work extracting the standing water from your home, and getting your property dried quickly and thoroughly. After this process is complete, we will finish the job with professional-grade cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing products and applications. Your safety, comfort, and stress-level are an enormous concern of ours, and as a team of seasoned professionals, we know that the threat of water damage to your home or business is far too risky to ignore.

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Solving Existing Damage & Preventing Future Emergencies

Across New England, water damage restoration calls come from many different types of disasters, and we are experienced in each and every one. Take comfort in the fact that we have been in this business for over four generations, and there is no disaster that we have not seen before! For example, in our New England winters, cold fronts and freezing temperatures cause pipes to freeze, and this can lead to property damage inside the walls of your home. Additionally, the formation of ice in our area of the Northeast can also damage shingles, roofs, and all outside construction. Likewise, in the spring and summer, coastal and river flooding is a large concern, and in the fall, hurricane and flood damage becomes commonplace and is completely unpredictable. Our knowledge of the Rhode Island and New England area risks, and the likely damage to your home and business, helps make us the best choice in the case of a water-damage, storm, or flood emergency.

How do you fix water damage in a house?

Our Proven Water Damage Restoration Process

Our Restoration Process

Advanced Water Inspection, Extraction, and Drying Equipment

Water damage originates from broken pipes, blocked drains, malfunctioning appliances, natural storms, and many other causes. When dealing with a water-based disaster, it is important to note that the worst thing a home or business owner could do is attempt to dry a water-damaged property on his or her own. Improper drying can lead to mold damage, which can make matters much worse. Overall, water damage is difficult to deal with, and nearly unavoidable throughout the life of a residential or commercial property, yet also, not insurmountable. This is why it is so important to call professionals. Our advanced, high-tech equipment aids us in water damage repair, inspection and water extraction.

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Recent Water Damage Restoration Work

24/7 Emergency Services

Our professional, fully certified, and friendly team will utilize current technology and advanced products and equipment in an effort to minimize the destruction of your home or business. You’ll be in good hands with RI’s Rhode Island Restoration team, as we will quickly diagnose and solve all of your water damage problems in all parts of Rhode Island.

So leave it to the professionals at Rhode Island Restoration. Helping restore your property is what we do best since we draw on years of experience in the business.

Call us before your water damage turns into mold damage!

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