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Hoarding Cleanup

Rhode Island Restoration approaches hoarding cleanup work with professionalism, compassion, and sensitivity. Our goal is to provide cleaning assistance while also respecting the client’s dignity throughout the process. Below is a general overview of how we typically handle hoarding cleanup assignments.


  1. Initial assessment: A trained representative from Rhode Island Restoration conducts an initial assessment of the hoarding situation. This assessment helps to understand the extent of the clutter, any potential safety hazards, and the client’s specific needs and preferences.
  1. Customized cleanup plan: Based on the assessment findings, Rhode Island Restoration develops a customized cleanup plan tailored to the client’s requirements. This plan may include details such as the scope of work, the timeline for completion, and cost estimate.
  1. Compassionate communication: Rhode Island Restoration emphasizes compassionate communication throughout the process, recognizing that hoarding cleanup can be emotionally challenging for the individual involved. They work closely with the client to address any concerns and ensure they feel supported and respected throughout the cleanup process.
  1. Sorting and organizing: Trained professionals from Rhode Island Restoration work with the client to sort through the clutter and identify items to keep, donate, or discard. This process is carried out with sensitivity and respect for the client’s possessions, and decisions are made collaboratively with the client’s input.
  1. Cleaning and sanitizing: Once the clutter has been removed, Rhode Island Restoration thoroughly cleans and sanitizes the space to eliminate any potential health hazards, such as mold, bacteria, or pests. Specialized cleaning techniques and equipment may be used to ensure the area is safe and habitable.
  1. Restoration: If necessary, Rhode Island Restoration can provide restoration services to repair any damage caused by the hoarding, such as repairs to walls, floors, or other structural elements. This helps to restore the hoarded environment to its original condition, making it safe and functional once again.
Hoarding cleanup ri
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Hoarding cleanup ri

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