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No matter what type of property damage you experience — water, fire, mold, or asbestos — rest assured that our IICRC-trained restoration professionals will work diligently to ensure a smooth and rapid recovery.


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Mold Remediation

Our Certified Professionals Detect and Effectively Treat All Types of Residential or Commercial Mold Infestations.

If your property has had water damage, moisture or humidity issues, mold growth can become a serious issue that can damage your property and jeopardize the health of its occupants. When exposed to moist, warm conditions, mold begins to grow within 12-24 hours and becomes visible within 72 hours. It will continue to grow until steps are taken to eliminate its source. If you can see mold growing, or smell a strong musty odor, hiring a professional to get rid of it is a top priority.

Mold remediation is a complex process and involves much more than just a simple wipe clean of affected surfaces. Mold damage often runs much deeper than just the surface and its effective removal needs to be handled by certified professionals. Our mold removal technicians have the experience and skills required to detect and eliminate its source, safely remove it, and minimize the possibility of any regrowth.

Rhode Island Restoration offers a range of optional services beyond mold remediation designed to protect your home or business:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment: Determining if inadequate air ventilation has contributed to mold growth and offering solutions to improve indoor air quality.
  • Use of EPA-approved Biocides: We use approved biocides rather than bleach, providing a safer and more effective treatment.
  • Encapsulation: In cases where mold cannot be entirely removed, we can use encapsulation to seal the affected area, preventing further growth.
  • Advanced Equipment and Safety Gear: All remediation technicians are equipped with professional-grade equipment and wear protective gear to ensure safe and effective mold removal.
  • Education on Mold Types and Health Impacts: Providing clients with information on different types of mold and their potential health effects, demystifying the subject and reducing undue alarm 
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Why Choose Rhode Island Restoration Professional Mold Remediation Services?

Encountering mold within your household or business can provoke concern due to potential health hazards and structural property damage. Engaging the services of a certified and professionaly-trained mold remediation company becomes imperative to effectively manage such issues, ensuring the safety and preservation of your indoor environment.

Exposure to mold can precipitate various health issues, ranging from allergies and asthma to respiratory infections, particularly for individuals with weakened immune systems. Unlike surface-level cleaning, professional mold remediation targets both visible and concealed mold sources, preventing recurrence and safeguarding your well-being.

There are compelling reasons to entrust your mold remediation needs to professionals, such as Rhode Island Restoration.

Furthermore, attempting mold remediation without proper expertise may lead to ineffective results, potential mold resurgence, increased expenses, and exacerbation of household issues.


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Why Choose Rhode Island Restoration?

Working with home and business owners for 20+ years has given us a deep understanding of the kind of stress people experience when dealing with property damage emergencies. We work to put people first and do everything we can to ensure comfort and convenience during your property’s restoration process.  With rapid, 24-hour emergency response and a satisfaction guarantee, it’s no wonder why Rhode Island trusts Rhode Island Restoration.

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On-call work crews quickly address emergency property damage to ensure rapid assessment and immediate action to mitigate further damage.



Our staff are completely licensed and certified to handle anything from smaller restoration projects to a full reconstruction project.

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