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The damage caused by a house fire goes deeper than the paint on your walls. In fact, it can compromise the infrastructure of your home, leading to serious issues down the line. Regardless of the severity, our team completes a thorough fire damage assessment, inspecting both the external and internal damage to your residential or commercial property. Next, we take the necessary steps to repair and restore your property. With 24/7 emergency fire restoration services available, we can restore any property, anytime.

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Why Choose Rhode Island Restoration?

When it comes to fire damage to your residential or commercial property, timing is critical. Our 24/7 Emergency Fire Restoration Services allow us to promptly arrive at the scene, assess the damage, and determine the appropriate restoration path so that we can right to work. As a trusted leader in fire damage restoration services in Rhode Island and across the New England area, we use specialized technology and techniques to guarantee a safe, clean, restored property.

The damage caused by a property fire goes much deeper than the paint on your walls. It can compromise the infrastructure of your home & lead to serious, expensive damage down the line. Regardless of the incident’s severity, our team will thoroughly inspect both the external and internal impacts on your home or business. As a fire damage restoration company with over 17 years of experience, we’ve mastered the art of assessing and identifying both the hidden and obvious damages that could pose a risk in the future. By choosing Rhode Island Restoration, you aren’t just repairing past damages. You’re preventing future threats.

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The Dangers of Soot & Smoke Damage

While oftentimes left undetected, smoke damage & soot not only cause cosmetic and structural damage to your property, but can pose serious health threats to the people living or working inside. Soot, a fine powdery substance, forms in the aftermath of a fire, and can stick to fabrics, furniture, walls, or air vents. When inhaled, these tiny, toxic particles can cause breathing complications or lead to more serious consequences such as coronary heart problems, bronchitis, or even cancer. Since soot often hides in the vents or other overlooked areas of your property, allow the experts at Rhode Island Restoration to use our proven technology and techniques to detect any traces of the harmful substance.

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Our Proven Fire Damage Restoration Process

Our Restoration Process

Recent Fire Damage Restoration Work

24/7 Emergency Fire Restoration Services

In the case of a fire at your home or business, response time is critical. Once the first responders have extinguished the flames, it is important that your property is quickly and professionally restored to not only prevent further damages to the structural foundation of the building, but to salvage the priceless belongings within.

At Rhode Island Restoration, our 24/7 Emergency Fire Damage Restoration Services staff are prepared to deploy a team of experts any day, any time. Within minutes, a team will be on the scene to assess the damages and get working.

In the event of a fire emergency, please call 911 before contacting any restoration company.

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