Immediately After A Flood – Flood Damage Repair

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When flood damage happens, it may be confusing as to where to go next. Should you begin the repairs yourself? Where do you even start? As a restoration company, we would suggest hiring a flood damage repair company to be called in to make sure the flood repair is done correctly and efficiently. If not, […]

What To Do After Property Damage Restoration in RI?

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Once the damage has been done and you have already called a professional restoration company in RI, you might not know what your next steps are after property damage restoration in RI. Some questions going through your mind might be: Who is going to pay for all of this? Do I need to call my […]

What’s The Difference Between Mitigation and Restoration?


What’s The Difference Between Mitigation and Restoration? When property damage first occurs, a homeowner may feel frightened and overwhelmed with what to do. A roof leak may have caused serious water damage to the interior of a home, a fire may have caused smoke to encapsulate a home, or wind could have knocked a tree […]

7 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Spring

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We are soon to approach one of the best times of the year – spring! We all have heard of spring cleaning and it’s a great time for cleaning, re-organizing, and repairing your house from the freezing winter months. We also know that this may be an expensive time of year because of everything you […]

Different Types of Water Damage RI

Contaminated Water Categories

Water damage can have some serious effects. It is important to get to work on fixing the water damage as soon as possible. By choosing RI Restoration, you’ll have your house back to normal in no time. Water damage can easily turn into mold in no time and rot your home from the inside. Regardless […]

Hoarding Cleanup In RI

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When most people think of hoarding, their minds usually go to the popular TV show Hoarders. Although that is a good representation of hoarding, it can also be on a smaller scale. Studies show that compulsive hoarding affects up to 6 percent of the population, or 19 million Americans, and it has been found to […]

Types Of Biohazard Cleanup Services in RI

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When you think of a restoration company, you most likely think of water damage and fire damage clean-up. But did you know that we offer biohazard clean-up services in RI, too? The team at Rhode Island Restoration is extremely knowledgeable about all things biohazard clean-up-related and has the training to clean up any biohazard situation […]

How To Safely Trick-Or-Treat in RI

Halloween Fire Safety RI Restoration

Halloween is coming up soon and people are scrambling to figure out how trick-or-treating is going to work this year with coronavirus cases on the rise. Some people are boycotting trick-or-treating as a whole, while others are coming up with some creative, safe ideas on how to safely trick-or-treat in RI. Take a look at […]

How to Prepare for a Severe Storm

Storm Prep

The wind is an easy thing to underestimate. If caught off guard, your home could end up taking unnecessary damage. By knowing how to prepare your home for a storm, you can optimize your home and property in the event of extreme weather, such as strong winds and heavy rainfall. 8 Ways to Prepare Your […]

Fire Damage from Fireworks and the Restoration Process

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Fireworks, while a spectacular event to see, can also be very dangerous. If the fireworks are not carefully shot off, there can be some serious fire damage to your property. As a restoration company, we highly recommend never cleaning up any fire damage by yourself, as a professional service will provide special cleaning services to […]