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When a storm suddenly hits your Rhode Island home or business, the damages and repercussions can be overwhelming. We know our clients need help immediately, often to recover from catastrophic damage. Our extremely quick response to your call will help prevent secondary damage, help reduce emergency costs and get you back on track with our renowned storm damage restoration team and services.

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Why Choose Rhode Island Restoration?

Rhode Island Restoration has years of experience managing and restoring weather damage from natural events. We are also exceedingly familiar with the weather risks and problems inherent in our New England area, specifically across Rhode Island. When natural disasters and storms inundate our area and damage your home, professional help is needed, and it is time to call Rhode Island Restoration. Our years of experience, excellent training and expertise, and efficiency and top-of-the-line service make us the best choice when faced with the unpredictable damages brought on by natural storms. When you experience flood damage, wind damage, hail damage or other storm damage to your home or business in Rhode Island, there is only one thing to do: call Rhode Island Restoration, and leave the rest to us.

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Storm Damage Relief

As water and storm damage specialists, we have the experience and advanced training that enables us to restore your property quickly. We will clean, dry, repair, and restore the part of your property that has been damaged, using modern equipment and experience-based know-how. We’ve helped many homes recover across our area, so join the field of satisfied customers in New England who’ve been helped by Rhode Island Restoration, and get on the path to disaster recovery.

Rhode Island Restoration is locally owned and operated, and we are exceedingly proud to serve the Ocean State. From Tiverton to Coventry and from Woonsocket to Charlestown, we love our state, and we also know that you love your home. We’ve helped countless locals recover and restore their homes from storm damage, emergencies, and natural and man-made disasters, so give us a call today: 401-414-1111.


Our Proven Storm Damage Restoration Process

Our Restoration Process

Disaster Services When A Storm Hits Your Rhode Island Home

Once a storm disaster or emergency strikes your home, you’ll need to act quickly, because conditions can not only rapidly worsen, but become dangerous. From snow, rain, and ice storms in the winter, to hurricanes and tropical storms in August and September, to other natural weather risks that impact our specific area of New England; we have you covered. Whether it is your business that has been impacted, or your home, our professionals are ready to take charge, and take your property back into safe, clean, restored conditions.

At Rhode Island Restoration, we want to make sure that you are aware that property damage caused by severe weather can be devastating to your family or business, and repairing it can be a complex undertaking. Luckily, we are up to the task! In order get storm damage repair completed quickly and safely, you need a restoration service company that specializes in bringing your home back to its pre-loss condition, and here at Rhode Island Restoration in Rhode Island, you’ll find the experts you need, at a price you can afford. We will not stop working until you are informed, happy, and satisfied with the restoration process, and your recovered property.

storm property damage in ri
storm damage restoration ri

Our Storm Damage Process

Rhode Island Restoration provides specialised storm damage repair services to bring your property back to normal, with minimal interruption to your daily life. We have dealt with a diverse range of weather-related issues, including:

-Lightning storms and strikes
-Hurricanes and Tropical Storms
-Tornadoes and High Winds
-Ice and Hail Storms
-Freezing Weather and Ice Dams
-Other Difficult and Dangerous Conditions

Often, storm damage requires both site cleanup and repair. We will accomplish both of these tasks in order to get your home or business back to working condition. Whether it is wind, lightning, hurricane, or another type of weather or storm damage, we are fully equipped to help. We offer 24-7 emergency services, storm damage assessment, water damage repair, wind damage repair, tarping, emergency board-ups, tree removal, structural stabilization, reconstruction services, and support until your property has been recovered and repaired.

We will respond to your service call, assess the weather damage, provide an estimate, and get to work securing your home immediately.

Recent Storm Damage Restoration Work

24/7 Emergency Services

Many times, unforeseen and unpredictable storm damage can cause catastrophic damage to your home or business. Windstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes, lightning strikes, flooding or ice storms can all arrive quickly, and range from minor to extremely severe. Your roof may need a prompt repair, especially in order to reduce any excess water damage, or your windows may need to be fixed and restored immediately. We can help you with all of these tasks, as you deal with the unpredictability of the weather in our region, so call us today and we will immediately get to work.

Rhode Island Restoration is available seven days a week, 24-7. We are able to assist you all day and night, so simply give us a call. We will welcome your call and assist you quickly and thoroughly. Each customer is exceedingly important to us, so join the scores of satisfied customers who have been helped by Rhode Island Restoration RI. Call us at 401-414-1111, and we will gather the pertinent information, and send over our team of professionals to deal with your disaster today.

We can help restore your home or commercial property after storm damage to like new again!

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