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Prepare Your Home For Warmer Weather

We made it, folks. It is finally starting to get warm again. This means late nights in downcity, visiting the Providence Waterfire, and just relaxing outside and enjoying all that Rhode Island has to offer. With the warmer weather coming upon us, it is now a good time for you to transition your home to be summer-ready. Here are some tips for what you should do to prepare your home for warmer weather, especially after a long cold season as we’ve experienced.

Basic Cleaning

Exterior Cleaning

Some basic exterior cleaning will need to be done, starting with the gutters. Loads of leaves and other debris will build up and freeze in your gutters over the winter season and stay there, it is important to clean them out as the rainy season is already upon us.

Lawn Work

If you have flowers or just a lawn in general, it always looks nice when you provide a little bit of TLC to it. Simply mowing your lawn or replenishing the nutrition in the soil will really compliment the beauty of your home and the state it is in.

Outdoor Appliances

Lastly, any outdoor furniture or appliances such as a grill will need to be cleaned. These have been sitting out all winter season and who knows who or what has been touching them or what could be crawling inside.

Prepare Your Home For Warmer Weather Inside The Home

replace air filter ri
  • Replacing any air vent filters that need it is important as if those vents do not work, it can cause serious damage or pose an extreme risk to your health.
  • This next tip is very important and should be done at any time of year and frequently. Clean your dryer vent. It is very simple and very easy, lint is extremely flammable so too much of a build may cause your dryer to burst into flames, which isn’t the kind of heat you want to be preparing for.
  • Make sure to check all little corners and tight areas for dust and/or mold. These two allergens can ruin your entire summer and pose a serious health risk if not taken care of. Click here to see how to tell if you have mold.
  • You should also go around your house and check that all foundation vents are free and clear of debris. This can also include checking your chimney if applicable. You may not realize it, but your windows are dirty on the outside too. Give all the windows in your house a clean to give it that extra shine and so that you can get a better view of beautiful Rhode Island.
  • All types of smoke alarms should be tested in every location there is one. This is also something that should be done every few months and not just during the summer, but spring cleaning is a good time to do so.

Our Final Tip:

In general, it is a good idea to have your home fully checked out by professionals every so often, as to avoid any major problems down the road. You keep yourself healthy, so why not keep your home healthy, too.

As always, if you are in need of emergency restoration service for any kind of property damage in RI, we are available 24/7 to take your call at 401-834-3473!

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