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Fire Damage from Fireworks and the Restoration Process

Fireworks, while a spectacular event to see, can also be very dangerous. If the fireworks are not carefully shot off, there can be some serious fire damage to your property. As a restoration company, we highly recommend never cleaning up any fire damage by yourself, as a professional service will provide special cleaning services to not only remove fire damage but smoke and soot damage as well, leftover from the fireworks. Overall, with more and more fireworks being shot off during the summer months, we thought it would be a great opportunity to share some tips concerning fire damage restoration after fireworks cause property damage. Continue reading to learn more about the fire damage restoration process!

How To Prevent Fire Damage From Fireworks In The First Place

Before we get into how damaging fireworks can be to your property, as we are sure most people have heard of some sort of horror story when fireworks are not shot off properly, we wanted to give a few safety tips on how to prevent a firework accident from happening in the first place. First and foremost, make sure the fireworks are properly secured before you light them off. A lot of people will just put them on the ground or a wooden plank, however, this is not a good idea. The fireworks when lit could easily fall over and shoot off on the ground instead. When this happens, it could easily aim towards your house, shed, nearby trees, etc. anything in the nearby vicinity. In order to avoid this from happening, as we stated previously, be sure to secure the fireworks before lighting them off.

Lastly, another general safety tip we have when it comes to a firework show on your property is to shoot them off in a location far enough away from other objects, especially those that are flammable. If an accident does occur, and the fireworks were to light these objects on fire, it could easily spell disaster for your property, or worse injure someone else. Always, have a bucket of water or a hose ready for an event like this, to easily squash the fire if one were to breakout.

Take extra precaution when it comes to shooting off fireworks on your property, in order to avoid fire damage from fireworks.

How Much Damage Can Fireworks Cause?

People often think that bigger fireworks are more dangerous than smaller ones. While this may be true, however, the reality is that any firework can cause significant damage if not properly shot off. In total, “fireworks cause an annual average of $43 million dollars in direct property damage.” Furthermore, not to mention the fact that “12,900 people were admitted to the emergency room for fireworks-related injuries.” In short, fireworks can cause a lot of damage to you and your property.

When Fireworks Causes Fire Damage, What’s Next?

In the event of fireworks causing fire damage, there is a couple of next steps to take in order to ensure all the fire damage is removed properly.

When A Fire Breaks Out, Make Sure Everyone Is Safe

A fire is nothing to mess with, especially one from fireworks as the sparks from individual fireworks can spread easily to other objects. In the event of a fire, immediately contact the authorities and gather everyone into a safe area. If it’s a smaller fire, you can try your best to put it out, however, if a large fire breaks out, the fire department will need to put it out.

After The Fire Is Out

Once the fire has been put out, the authorities will do a walkthrough of your property to ensure the structural integrity of your building is secure. This is an especially important step, as without a proper walkthrough you may be putting yourself at risk. Next, begin to take photographs of everything that was damaged. You may not realize it, but smoke and soot are everywhere after a fire. It can be hard to detect but it is important nonetheless to look out for. Therefore, we also recommend taking pictures of everything in your home before moving on to repairing your home. All these photographs will help build your case when you must file an insurance claim. When you being to file your claim, a public adjuster, someone who will help represent you and your claim to get you the best possible settlement, may be another option to check out as well.

Once the fire is out, you can begin walking around your property and inspecting it for damages.

Now The Fire Damage Restoration Process Begins

Once you receive the payout from your fire damage insurance claim, now is the time to repair your home. As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, as a restoration company, we highly recommend never doing any fire damage restoration yourself. If all the fire, smoke, and soot damage is not cleaned properly, it can lead to much more significant problems down the road. Furthermore, when it comes to fires, a restoration company will be able to come in, clean all the damage from fire, smoke, and soot at once. Restoration companies also use professional and modern equipment to remove all the damage.

At the beginning of the restoration process, the restoration company will come to inspect the damages at your property and provide a quote for repairing all the damages. Once approved, they will come in and prevent any further damages. These are temporary repairs in order to ensure no other damage will come to your property from fire damage after fireworks. After securing the scene and preventing any further damage, the restoration company will remove any fire-damaged items to have them restored as well to their prior condition. Now, the real restoration work can begin which includes any boards, support beams, floors, ceilings, furniture, etc. will all be restored properly to their prior condition, if not better than it was before.

Do You Need A Fire Damage Restoration Company? Contact Rhode Island Restoration!

When it comes to any damage from fireworks to your property, we are the restoration company to call! Fireworks are shot off all year-round, so why not have a restoration company on call in case of an unfortunate firework damage emergency 24/7? Our restoration services are professional, quick, and effective. We have been servicing Rhode Island for over 18+ years. Contact us today for a free consultation and allow us to tell you more about our process and how we can help you when a fire breaks out at your home from fireworks. We are here to help you. For any other type of service, you may need help with be sure to check out our services page. Call us today at 401-414-1111 for a free quote and any questions you may have.

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