How To Get Rid Of Smoke Smell After Fire Damage

How To Get Rid Of Smoke Smell After Fire Damage

After a fire, no matter the size, it’s likely that your home will smell a lot like smoke and soot. You might also see visible soot on your walls, floors, ceilings, and belongings. Here’s how you get rid of the notorious smoke smell after fire damage to your home.

Before You Read On…

Smoke damage is dangerous to you and your family’s health and should be cleaned by professional smoke damage restoration experts.

Air Out Your Home

air out the window

Be sure to air out your home after a house fire, that way it gets the smell out faster!

Open all windows and doors (weather permitting) to air out your home. You can also use ceiling fans or portable fans and point them outside to speed up the process. And hey, it’s always nice to have a fresh breeze running through your home!

Deep Clean Everything You Can

Smoke damage requires a deep clean of everything affected by the smoke. Scrub your walls, mop your floors, wash all your curtains, clothes, bedding, and fabrics. Also, deep clean your carpets and rugs with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to really penetrate the fibers.

Throw Out Items Too Damaged

Unfortunately, smoke can damage things beyond repair. If it can’t be cleaned, throw it out! Keeping items in your home that are smoke damaged can cause health issues for you and your family.

Clean Out HVAC

baseboard soot puffback in ri
Damaged baseboard from soot puffback. If left unchecked, it could continue to push more soot throughout your home.

No matter how much you clean your home, if you forget to clean your HVAC systems after a fire, they will continue to push smoke and soot particles throughout your home. Replace all filters and do what you can to clean your HVAC as best you can. You should also get them looked at by an HVAC professional to make sure the smoke did not permanently damage them.

Apply A Fresh Coat of Paint

Although you can scrub and scrub until your arms get tired, it’s nearly impossible to clean every single particle. To prevent the smell and any health risks, apply a fresh coat of paint to your walls and ceilings to lock in any lingering soot particles.

how big is particle pollution

Soot is 2.5 micrometers in diameter or smaller. Such fine particles are even smaller than dust and mold particles, or approximately 1/30 of the size of a human hair.

Call A Professional Smoke Damage Restoration Company

Cleaning smoke damage yourself is a daunting task. Let us take care of it. With the dangers that smoke and soot damage present, it’s always best to hire a professional smoke restoration company to get rid of the smoke smell after fire damage.

We have a team of experienced and certified professionals with the knowledge and tools to completely rid your home of that pesky smoke smell.

We offer free quotes, no matter the amount of damage you have to your commercial or residential property. We’re also able to clean water damage and mold damage, two common types of damage that can happen to your property after fire and smoke damage.


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