How Does The Fire Damage Restoration Process Work?

When your home sustains severe fire damage, you will need to call a professional company that specializes in fire damage restoration. There are many things that should be done to ensure the process is completed as quickly and effectively as possible. In this blog post, we will discuss how the fire damages restoration process works from start to finish!

What You Should Know About The Fire Damage Restoration Process

The fire damage restoration process is a long and difficult one that requires many steps. This is done to ensure all smoke and soot damage is removed after the fire and to allow your home to get back to how it looked before the fire, if not better. Depending on the extent of the damage, the process may not be as long as you may think. We would never recommend any individual to take on this project by themselves as if it is not done correctly, the damage to your home may extend beyond the fire damage.

Steps In The Fire Damage Restoration Process

1. Evaluation Of Your Property Before Entering

This is a crucial step to the fire damage restoration process, as you want to make sure your property is safe before entering it and evaluating the damage on the inside. Some fires leave homes in ruins, other fires leave just enough damage to easily cause floorboards to cave if walked on. After the fire department arrives, no matter the size of the fire, the first step in the fire damage restoration process in RI is to call a professional fire damage restoration company in order to prevent any further damages from happening. Once the fire department leaves, we will begin to assess the damage from an outside structural perspective first, and then enter once we know it’s safe.

Now once we have entered, we will conduct the same process as we did for your home on the outside. Our team will assess the fire damage and consider a full range of factors, including structural integrity, smoke and soot residue, as well as mold and mildew, all of which have an impact on the health and safety of you and your home.

inspecting a home after fire damage. One of the first steps in the fire damage restoration process
Authorities will check and inspect the fire damage to the home just as much as we will! Inspecting the home to make sure the structural integrity of the home is intact before we continue the restoration process.

2. Prevent Further Damage From Occurring

Once everything has been evaluated, our team will execute a plan to ensure no further damage can occur in your home. However, it isn’t just the fire damage that we will mitigate, it’s also a variety of other types of damages. For example, when a fire breaks out in a home, in order to put out the fire a lot of water and we mean a lot of water will be used. Just about every area of your home will soon be soaked and unfortunately, that also means the possibility of mold and mildew to grow. This will cause a whole host of other issues if it is not cleaned up properly and quickly. Our company specializes in mitigating all of these types of damages and the cleanup process afterward. Therefore once we have identified the potential of other types of damages to your home, we will begin mitigating your home, not to mention that we will remove any property of yours that needs to be thrown away.

3. Now, Time To Start Restoring Your Home After Fire Damage

We have now entered the phase of the fire damage restoration process where we begin to restore all of the damage done to your home. We will break this down by each type of potential damage:

Fire Damage Restoration

There is a very special process that we use in order to make sure all fire damage is restored properly. This includes making sure the structural integrity of your home is intact. We will repair support beams, floorboards, roofing, walls, ceilings, etc. anything you can think of that the fire damage touched. The size of the fire and the amount of your property and contents that have been touched by the fire will both determine what is needed to restore your property. Furthermore, we also include air quality testing within our fire damage restoration procedure as we feel your home should be safe to breathe in after a fire. There are many ways to conduct air quality testing on your own if you like, however, a restoration company will easily be able to identify the issue regarding air quality with specialized equipment.

cleaning up after fire damage. Fire damage restoration after fire damage to your home
We will look for every area of your home that has been affected by fire damage, mitigate, and repair it fully.

Smoke and Soot Damage Restoration

Fire and smoke damage go hand in hand, therefore, as we mentioned previously when dealing with fire restoration, we also have to think about the lasting effects of smoke and soot damage. Not only are we a fire damage restoration company, however, we also specialize in smoke damage restoration. Smoke will get into your walls, floorboards, and your ceilings. Not to mention any furniture you have, there will most likely be some sort of smoke damage on it, as well as be covered in soot. Some materials in your home may have more soot discoloration on them than others, as it depends on how long the soot stayed on the surface of the object. Just with fire damage restoration, we have a very special process for dealing with smoke and soot removal. We will deep clean anything that the soot has touched while ensuring that your important items are not damaged further.

Water Damage Restoration

A lot of water is used in putting out a house fire, in fact potentially thousands of gallons of water for large fires. This means that after the fire goes out, your house will be soaked. Part of our fire damage restoration process is cleaning up after water damage, in order to prevent further structural damage or the potential of mold growth. We will remove any water-damaged items, restore them as best as possible for you, and get them back in your home as soon as possible. There are some steps you can take to speed up the process of water-damaged items in your home, including air drying or using a hairdryer on anything that the water touched. This works especially well for water-damaged documents and photos.

water from putting out the fire may also cause severe water damage. Part of the fire damage restoration process is making sure no water damage can occur afterwards
If there is water damage to your home after a fire, and there most likely will be, allow us to restore any property damaged by the water.

4. The End Of The Fire Damage Restoration Process

Now that we have successfully evaluated your home, prevented any further damage from occurring, restored your home after several types of damages, it’s time to enter the last phase of our fire damage restoration services, which includes deodorizing and a deep cleaning procedure. We went over this a bit in our water damage restoration section; however, we will provide a deep cleaning of every piece of furniture, item, wall, etc. in your house that has been affected. We provide homeowners with specific cleaning products that we recommend using after we have left if there are still some odors of smoke for example, however, we will remove as much of the odor as possible. For other areas of your home, we will provide another inspection prior to finishing the fire restoration process.

You Should Feel Safe Knowing The Restoration Job Is Complete!

It is no use in coming out to restore your property if we don’t do it correctly and leave your property in good, clean shape. Depending on how large of a fire you had, we might need to come back multiple times to complete different restoration tasks. Some things, like leaving air scrubbers and dehumidifiers to dry out the water from the fire department, take a couple of days to work.

Regardless of what restoration work needs to be done, our team’s main priority is to keep you and your family safe!

Need A Fire Damage Restoration Company? – Contact Rhode Island Restoration!

We hope we were able to inform you about something new in regard to restoring your home after a fire. As you can see, there is much more to fire damage restoration than just the fire itself. It’s important to get the damages to your home restored as fast as possible before any more damages occur to your property. Contact us today for a free consultation and allow us to tell you more about our process and how we can help you when a fire breaks out in your home. At the end of the day, we are here to help you, just as we helped many homeowners with similar incidents for over 18+ years. Call us today at 401-414-1111 for a free quote and with any questions, you may have.

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