How to Test The Indoor Air Quality of Your Home or Business


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Have you noticed any unwanted scents in your home recently? Are you struggling to know where they are coming from? It could very well be time for you to look into your home air quality and do some indoor air quality testing. You may not realize it, but there are some very harmful pollutants in your home or business’s air, that if left untreated, can cause significant health hazards. Learn all about in this blog how to test the indoor air quality of your home and learn the dangerous pollutants hiding in plain sight.

Why Should You Conduct Air Quality Testing?

Many homeowners or business owners may not have even thought to test the air quality. It’s not their fault, it most likely is because we normally don’t think about that kind of stuff until there is an issue. However, when it comes to air quality, you shouldn’t be messing around. Even if you think there is a slight chance your air quality may have been contaminated, it’s best to start some sort of testing process. So then, what’s the best way to begin this process? Let’s discuss!

What Pollutants Are Dangerous That You Should Be Looking For

There are many containments in your air that you may have never known about, in fact, hundreds of them. There is no way to eliminate all of them, but there are ways to look out for them and treat them if they have impacted your health in any way.

Here are some of the most common categories of pollutants in your home or business:

Biological Pollutants

Biological threats are everywhere, and your home is not safe. One of the most common types of biological pollutants we talk about is mold. Mold is very dangerous to your health if left untreated as it can grow rapidly. Another biological pollutant, such as household bacteria, can grow on counter surfaces or bathroom areas. These can easily spread throughout your home, especially since they can become airborne.

Chemical Pollutants

When conducting air quality testing, it’s best to look out for any chemical compounds in your home, mainly from household cleaning items and any building materials. Most chemicals have a scent, so if you begin to smell anything out of the ordinary, it’s likely a chemical leak.

chemical pollutants can come from normal house hold cleaning products which is why its important to conduct indoor air quality testing
Most of your ordinary day cleaning products contain chemical pollutants that are very harmful to your health

Combustion Pollutants

Most homes already have detectors for these, however, if you do not, it’s time to get one. Carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide are two great examples of just how dangerous certain gases are to your health.

How To Test The Indoor Air Quality Of Your Home or Business

Overall, testing for all of these types of pollutants is relatively simple, safe, and cheap. The problem is, you won’t know if you have any of these pollutants without the use of a device that detects them. Besides the signs that your home or business may have been polluted, you will never know until you conduct indoor air quality.

How To Test For Biological Pollutants

The best way to test for this type of pollutant is to have a reputable company such as Rhode Island Restoration check for any contamination in the air. We can collect air samples, have them tested, and report to you where the pollutant may be originating from. We can also use several types of technology to detect dampness, which will lead to direct mold growth.

Indoor damp & air quality (IAQ) testing in Rhode Island
An indoor damp & air quality (IAQ) testing device will check for any areas that may lead to significant mold or other biological pollutant damage.

How To Test For Chemical Pollutants

There are several in-home testers that can be used to detect any chemical that may have started to cause you trouble. These testers will likely pick up on any chemical spill from in-home products that were used, and they will detect chemicals in building materials that we mentioned previously. For other, harder-to-detect pollutants from decaying batteries or cleaning products, it’s best to call a professional company that will be able to find and eliminate any chemical compounds.

How To Test For Combustion Pollutants

This is perhaps one of the easiest pollutants to detect in your home or business if you are up to date on technology. Carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, etc. are all ways to detect combustion pollutants. Most states require these types of detectors now, as they have proven vital to letting you know when these types of pollutants are in the air. If you have constant issues with combustion pollutants, a restoration company such as Rhode Island Restoration will be able to help you eliminate the source of the pollutant.

carbon monoxide detectors in Rhode Island
Every home or business owner should own a carbon monoxide detector, as it is a very effective way of knowing when your space has been contaminated.

Hire a Professional Restoration Service – Rhode Island Restoration

At the end of the day, your health is the most important, especially the place you live or do business at. If you believe your home may be contaminated with any of the pollutants we mentioned, do not hesitate to call us. Try several testing kits first, however, you still should have the professionals at Rhode Island Restoration help you detect and eliminate pollutants in your home. For 18+ years we have helped countless homeowners and business owners eliminate biological, chemical, and combustion odors and spills. We have the latest indoor air quality testing technology, ready to help you out! If you need us do not hesitate to contact us or call us today! For any other type of service, you may need help with be sure to check out our services page. Call us today at 401-414-1111 for a free quote and any questions you may have.

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