Collision Damage Restoration After a Car Damages Your Property

As a property owner, it’s essential to prepare for the unexpected. Vehicle and property collisions can happen. If a car runs into your home, you’ll want to quickly get everything back to normal and make sure that your property is safe. Collision damage cleanup companies are an excellent solution for repairing your home efficiently. 

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What to Do If a Car Damages Your Property

Rhode Island Restoration can repair your residential or commercial property. Our professional team provides dependable services to repair damage from a car accident. We will take care of cleanup and remediation to minimize downtime and make the area look presentable. By choosing us as a contractor, you can effectively mitigate your building after a car accident. 

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Overview of Collision Damage Restoration

If a car damages your home or business, you may be eligible for collision damage restoration services. Depending on how fast the vehicle was moving, the damage can be as minor as scratched siding or as severe as collapsed walls. Rhode Island Restoration can dispatch our team to your home quickly to assess your property and begin repairs. 

Collisions can occur for various reasons, including brake or engine failures or sudden road obstructions. Regardless of the cause, there are several steps you can take when a vehicle collides with your property: 

  1. Report the incident to authorities to make sure there is a legal record of the accident. 
  2. Exchange information with the driver for insurance purposes. 
  3. Take pictures and videos of the area to record damage. 
  4. Contact our partners at Performance Adjusting. Their adjusters will document the incident and communicate with the insurance company on your behalf.
  5. Refrain from cleaning the area or repairing any damage before we can make a full assessment.

Your home’s exterior, garage door or entryway may suffer as part of the collision. If you address the problem quickly, you will prevent further damage to your house. We recommend contacting a professional restoration contractor as soon as possible to save time and money on repairs. A company such as Rhode Island Restoration can patch cracks, replace parts and secure the area before weather and time cause extensive issues. 

interior view of a car that was in a bad accident in North Providence

Why Choose Rhode Island Restoration?

For over 18 years, we have helped Rhode Island community members maintain their buildings. Our team helps local commercial and residential property owners handle repairs with ease. Our local experience gives us a competitive edge over other companies who might not understand the area. 

Advantages to choosing our restoration services include:

Thorough Results

At Rhode Island Restoration, we operate based on your needs. We offer comprehensive care that covers all issues, regardless of the accident’s severity. We make sure to take all necessary steps to mitigate damages. Accidents happen, and with an experienced restoration company, you can rest assured knowing that we will perform in-depth repairs.

Experienced Staff

All of our staff have experience working on homes and commercial properties. We offer a wide variety of services, including residential property restoration, and we constantly learn and employ new information to best repair buildings. We have trained experts on our team who finish each job quickly and efficiently. 

Multiple Certifications 

We are a licensed and insured company. Rhode Island Restoration has an Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), and we cover all of our employees with protective insurance plans. We are also a licensed contractor in the state of Rhode Island — our contracting license number is 43853. 

Emergency Services

We have a 24/7 emergency response team to get to you at any time. Call us as soon as you can, and we will send a team to your home. We can get started right away, and we prioritize response times for emergency incidents. Our trained service providers will minimize your downtime and let you get back to your routine as soon as possible. 

Affordable Rates

Rhode Island Restoration offers free consultations on all standard and emergency services. We adjust and budget for our materials and supplies to ensure that we have the funds to perform our work. We have no upfront costs so that you can focus on repairing your home after an incident. 

Our Restoration Process

Over the years, we have created a seamless restoration process. To begin, our dispatch team will come to your area as soon as you call us. Once we arrive at your property, we will assess the issues and determine the extent of the damage. After we get an estimate and prevent any further issues, we can begin working by removing and replacing all damaged materials. 

Our restoration process is the result of learning from many years of experience and making our services as simple as possible for all customers. This system ensures that, once we’re finished, your property will look like an accident never happened. 

Our Restoration Process

Need Help With an Insurance Claim?

Another aspect of home restoration is handling insurance claims through your provider. Depending on your plan, your insurance might cover some of the costs. Rhode Island Restoration is well-versed in insurance claims and procedures, and we send our bills directly to the insurance company. Our partners at Performance Adjusting can help you file a claim and get the most out of your policy.

Handling restorations can be a stressful task for homeowners. That’s why Rhode Island Restoration and Performance Adjusting collaborate to make your life easier and get your property back to normal. For help with your insurance claim, contact Performance Adjusting. They will handle the claims processes for you and get the most for your insurance claim. 

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Recent Collision Damage Restoration Work

Find Professional Collision Damage Cleanup in RI

Rhode Island Restoration can efficiently repair property damage from a car accident. With our 24/7 availability, you can contact us whenever you need help securing your property. Also, you can support the local economy and a Rhode Island business when you choose us as your restoration service provider. 

Get started with a free in-home consultation. Call us at (401) 834-FIRE (3473), and we will come to inspect and estimate your repairs on-site. You can also fill out our contact form and speak with us about your repairs online. Repair your property with ease from a reliable contractor today! 

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