How To Tell If Water Damage Is New Or Old

As a homeowner, you have likely experienced some sort of water damage to your house at one point or another. In some cases, it can be pretty tough to tell if the damage is new or old. So how do you know exactly? Well, let’s discuss some tips to help identify old and worsening water damage vs. brand new water damage.

Look for Rings Around the Damage

One of the most common ways to spot water damage in the first place is to notice if there are rings or not around the spot. If there is new damage, the spot will be darker, and there will be no rings at all. Something also to note, if the spot starts to bubble, this means that the water is now pooling and will likely burst if not taken care of immediately. On the other hand, if there is old water damage there will be signs of a ring around the spot, signs that the water once dried up, expanded, and dried once more. This also means that water is getting in and still damaging the spot and needs to be repaired sooner rather than later.

how to tell if water damage is new or old - spotting rings
If you spot any rings around the water damaged area, you will easily be able to tell if its new or old water damage.

Black Mold or Mold Buildup

Unfortunately, if there is water damage, mold is sure to follow. In about two to three days, you might notice some mold starting to develop. This is when you know it’s time to repair both the water and mold damage. In some cases, you might find that Black Mold starts to form, which is an even more costly and tiring situation. Do not attempt to remove the black mold or any mold for that matter yourself. The best option is to call a restoration company, like us, that will remove any and all mold damage.

mold is sure to follow after new or old water damages
Black mold or any mold for that matter is a for sure sign of a water damaged area.

Feel Around the Damaged Area

While this may be more of a simpler tip, it is important, nonetheless. When you touch the water-damaged area, if you notice that it is wet, but the spot is still strong, it is a newly damaged area as the water hasn’t had enough time to fully soak in. That said, when the spot is squishy to the touch this means that the water damage is old as it has been absorbed into the material. In this scenario, you should likely find the source of the damage right away so that the spot does not continue to absorb the water.

Feeling the spot of the water damage helps you know if its new or old water damage
Sometimes the best ways to tell if you have new or old water damage is by simply touching the area!

The History of Your House

In the case of any damage to your house, you should always be keeping track of important signs that may lead to water damage. For instance, if you had a pipe leak recently or a large storm passes through, you should take notes of these events as water damage is likely to follow unfortunately if your property is not restored properly.

If You Notice New or Old Water Damage Let Us Help You!

Now that you know how to tell if water damage is new or old, it is important to get the damage fixed right away so that it does not get worse. You should never clean water damage by yourself as there are many health issues that could result from the restoration process if not done properly. Rhode Island Restoration offers 24/7 emergency services for restoration services such as water damage repair. With over 18 years of experience, we help countless families restore their properties from any type of damage.

we are ready to restore your home or business back to normal!

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