4 Ways To Prevent Water Damage From Your HVAC

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What if we told you that your HVAC system, the one that is keeping you nice and warm during the winter and nice and cold during the summer, has the potential to cause water damage to your property. If left unchecked the system could cause a whole host of other issues that can be difficult to spot at first. Let’s discuss 4 ways to prevent water damage from your HVAC.

First – Here Are Some Signs Your HVAC Has Caused Water Damage:

Musty Smells

Perhaps one of the most noticeable signs of water damage to due your HVAC is a musty or damp smell throughout your home. This is obviously not good for your HVAC system or your health as mold growth is most likely to follow. One of the worst types of mold that could grow is black mold, the most hazardous to your health. If you feel there have been constant musty smells coming from vents in your home, it’s time to call a restoration company immediately.

Strong Electrical Burning Smell

These types of smells are more likely to occur during the summer months when your HVAC system may be running constantly to beat the heat. If this is the case, you are likely experiencing that your system has overheated and needs to be shut off immediately. If left to run, overheating could potentially cause your HVAC to catch on fire. Once again, if you recognize this type of smell, calling a restoration company right away is your best option to make sure your HVAC gets fixed in a timely manner.

Constant Water Leaks From Your HVAC

If you notice any type of water leak out of the system itself, you are likely to experience water damage sooner than expected. There are many reasons why the system could begin to leak, however, what’s important to know is that this is an immediate sign of water damage.

Ways To Prevent Water Damage From Your HVAC - check for water leaks from your HVAC
Make sure to consistently check for constant water leaks, a for sure sign your HVAC is not draining water properly.

Clogged Drain Lines

Your drain line is where the evaporated air from outside, drips down through and out of your HVAC system. Sometimes when this becomes clogged, the water can build up quickly and therefore begin to cause water damage.

Now That You Know The Signs – Here Are Ways Prevent Water Damage From Your HVAC

Clean out Your System Regularly

If left unchecked regularly, your system could easily become clogged at any time. It’s especially important to clean off any residue and dirt that attaches itself to the unit as these issues could cause water damage to accumulate in the HVAC system.

Check the Wiring in Your HVAC System

Every once in a while, be sure to check the wiring in your system, to make sure there is no corrosion or any other faulty wiring that could lead to a fire breaking out. If you are unsure what to look for exactly as it can be confusing, call us for a free quote to assess the situation.

checking the wiring in your HVAC system is very important for maintenance purposes and ensuring a fire will not break out
The HVAC wiring system could be a bit complicated if you do not know what to look for. Rhode Island Restoration can help assess the situation!

Pump Out Excess Buildup of Water

This is a very important tip as this will help your HVAC system get rid of the water buildup in your drain pipe. There are several other precautions you can take to install it yourself safely, but if you need professional help, we are here ready for you!`

Clean Out Your Filter To Prevent Water Damage

Our last tip can help you save thousands of dollars in the long run. Filters are inexpensive compared to other HVAC components that some companies will hike the price of the item and then charge even more to install it for you. Take our advice and check your filters often, replacing them as needed, to ensure no water damage will occur from your HVAC.

HVAC air filter replacements in RI
Checking and changing your air filters regularly can go a long way in helping your HVAC system not cause water damage.

Do You Need a Restoration Company to Help Fix Water Damage From Your HVAC?

Here at Rhode Island Restoration, for over 18+ years we have helped countless homeowners and business owners clean up and fix any water damage their HVAC systems caused. For help fixing the HVAC system itself, we can also refer companies that will repair it fast. In the end, if you are unsure of how to fix it yourself or need a professional restoration job, we are here to help! For any other type of damage, you may need help with be sure to check out our services page. Call us today at 401-414-1111 for a free quote and any questions you may have regarding water damage from your HVAC.

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