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Vandalism, especially graffiti is especially hard to deal with as any homeowner. Whether it was your home or business that experienced this, being able to eliminate the graffiti and repairing any damage due to vandalism, as fast as possible should be a priority. Let us discuss some of the many benefits of using a restoration company to fix any damages done by vandalism and graffiti.

What Is Considered Vandalism

Vandalism is any deliberate act of destruction against a property. In most cases, graffiti is the most common type of vandalism. Many consider graffiti art, however when it’s destruction to your home or business, we would bet you are not thinking it’s just art. Other types of vandalism include property damage such as broken windows, doors busted, or any other type of malicious damage. One surprising type of vandalism is damage to billboards. Many consider billboards as a perfect target for graffiti artists, as they will be seen by potentially thousands of people every day, especially if it is not cleaned fast.

Broken windows? You need Vandalism and Graffiti cleanup in ri
Broken windows to your home or business can lead to a whole host of other issues.

Let’s Talk About Cleaning Up After Vandalism

In the case of vandalism to your house or business, it’s best to not touch it. As hard as it is to want to start cleanup immediately, beginning the restoration process yourself could lead to more problems with your insurance company in the long run. Take pictures of all the damages done and then show before and after pictures to your insurance company or local public adjuster so they can begin the claims process. Once you have done this it’s time to call a restoration company such as Rhode Island Restoration to begin the cleanup process. By using a restoration company to repair any damages to your home or business, you are ensuring your property will be restored back to normal, if not better than before the vandalism incident.

How Long Will It Take To Repair The Damage After Vandalism?

This all depends on the extent of the damage. In most cases we have seen, the longest part of the repair process is making sure the insurance claim goes through correctly. Once everything is all clear, we are ready to begin restoring your home or business back to normal.

Will Rhode Island Restoration Cleanup After Graffiti?

Absolutely, we will! We will handle the entire graffiti clean-up up process from start to finish. In fact, in the case of graffiti, it is better to call us as we will remove it safely and quickly with the most efficient removal process possible, that way others are not inclined to further damage your property with more graffiti.

materials for cleaning graffiti in Rhode Island
By using a restoration company to clean up any graffiti damage, you are saving yourself the time and headache of accidental cleanup damage.

Can I Remove Graffiti Myself?

Many people take it upon themselves to remove graffiti from their homes or business. And there is nothing wrong with this, however, the process of removing the graffiti if not done properly could actually make the spot worse (as seen below). The tricky part is identifying the type of paint used. If the wrong remover is used, it could seriously leave a bigger stain than before. If you choose to not use a remover and either try to paint over it yourself, wash it off, etc. you could run into other issues. This is why it’s best to call us so that we can correctly identify the type of paint used and the best method to ensure it is cleaned up properly.

Covering over the graffiti is not the best solution for Vandalism and Graffiti Cleanup
When dealing with graffiti especially, it is important to use the right type of chemical cleaner. A restoration company will be able to help you identify the correct type of method needed.

Do You Need A Restoration Company For Vandalism And Graffiti Cleanup? Let Us Help You!

At Rhode Island Restoration we will help you restore your home or business back to normal after malicious acts of vandalism and graffiti. Our cleanup process has helped many home and business owners over the past 18+ years, get back to their daily routine, without having to worry about cleaning the damage up themselves. The bottom line – if you need vandalism or graffiti restoration services – call us today at 401-414-1111 for a free quote and any questions you may have.

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