How Does A Sewage Backup in RI Happen & What Damage Can It Cause?

How Does A Sewage Backup in RI Happen & What Damage Can It Cause?

If you have been unlucky enough to experience a sewage backup in RI at your home, you know very well that it is an incredibly frustrating and disgusting experience to have. With sewage water potentially covering your home and your things, you know that it is not something you would wish on your worst enemy.

Sewage backup cleanup in RI needs to be done by a professional and experienced restoration company, like Rhode Island Restoration, in order to clean up the damages safely and completely. This is definitely not a task you would want to take on yourself.

How Do Sewage Backups in RI Happen?sewage Damage Cleanup - RI Restoration

  • Clogs
    • Clogs in the drainpipes in or in your town or city’s main sewer lines are a common cause of sewage backup in RI
  • Old/Broken Lines
    • The older your lines are, the more likely you are to have a sewer backup since the lines or drains may deteriorate over time. It is important, especially if you have an older home, to ensure that your pipes and drains are up to date to prevent a sewer backup in RI.
  • Blockage
    • When something blocks the path in a sewer pipe or drain, it can easily cause a backup to happen in your RI home.
  • Solid Flushes
    • When someone flushes something down your toilet that is solid, like a diaper or a child’s toy, you can create a blockage in the pipes and that can cause a sewage backup into your house.

What Damage Can Sewage Backups in RI Cause?

  • Water Damage
  • Damage to Your Contents
    • When a sewer backup flows through your home, it will damage everything in its path. From couches and rugs to clothes and electronics, sewer backup damage in RI is extremely destructive to your personal belongings.
  • Damage to the Structure of Your Home
    • Sewage water can seep into the cracks of your foundation and weaken the structure of your home which can make your home unsafe to live in.

What Do I Do When I Have Sewage Damage In RI?sewage backup restoration ri

Whether you have a small or large sewage backup at your RI home or business, it’s important to leave the cleaning to professionals at a top restoration company. Rhode Island Restoration is available 24/7 for any kind of property damage restoration in RI. We will immediately come out to your home and begin the restoration process to ensure you and your family come back to a clean and safe home. Give us a call at 401-834-3473 for a free quote at any time!