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Common Household Items to Clean or Replace in RI

How Often Do I Need to Replace My Kitchen Sponge or Toilet Brush?

Even the cleanest, most fastidious among us need to replace common household items often – for better health. According to the Reader’s Digest, a study of 1,000 dishcloths and kitchen sponges found that 10% contained salmonella,…
Why Your Washer and Dryer Needs Cleaning

Why Your Washer and Dryer Need Cleaning

YOUR WASHER OR DRYER NEEDS CLEANING! SO, KNOW HOW TO DO IT PROPERLY! Learn fast with our infographic Check Out Our Infographic Right Here Both your washing machine and dryer need cleaning! If you never…
7 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Spring in RI

7 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Spring

We are soon to approach one of the best times of the year – spring! We all have heard of spring cleaning and it’s a great time for cleaning, re-organizing, and repairing your house from the…