tri county community action agency johnston rhode island – sewer backup


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The Challenge 

A sewage backup occurred within the property affecting several areas. As a result of the backup, toilet overflows, and sink backups caused germ-laden category-three water to flood parts of the property. The occupant of the building is a non-profit community agency that provides a broad range of programs, services, and support to individuals and families in need. Because numerous people are seen daily at the building site, it was critical to ensure that all sewage be removed, and the affected areas cleaned and sanitized as soon as possible. Category three water, especially from raw sewage, often carries pathogenic, toxigenic, and other harmful agents that are a serious health threat to all living beings. 

RI Advanced Structural Drying Severe Water Damage
The Solution 

To protect the health of both occupants and visitors—and to keep business interruption to a minimum, an emergency crew from Rhode Island Restoration arrived on site to assess the situation and provide quick action. Water extraction trucks were dispatched to extract the filthy water. Zip wall containment barriers were set up, isolating the affected areas from the rest of the property so that the drying, cleaning, and sanitizing could begin. Air scrubbers were installed with HEPA filters to properly scrub the air of harmful particulates. Saturated materials were removed, and all existing framing was thoroughly cleaned. An anti-microbial agent was applied, and thermal fogging was performed to aid in the deodorizing process.  

Waiting Room
The Result 

Because of Rhode Island Restoration’s rapid emergency service, the sewage backup did not contaminate the entire building. All traces of sewage were removed and affected areas were cleaned, dried, and disinfected in record time. As an added safety precaution Rhode Island  Restoration cordoned off the affected areas for 48 hours and posted signs warning people not to enter the areas in which the sewage backup occurred. The agency’s daily business remained uninterrupted, appointments were kept on schedule, and the building’s occupants and visitors were not put in harm’s way.