5 Most Common Kinds Of Winter Property Damage In RI

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winter property damage in ri

Can you believe that winter is only 53 days away? The temperature is definitely dropping and some Rhode Islanders might see snow this weekend! Now is the time to prepare yourself for the 5 most common forms of winter property damage in RI. The more you know now, the more you’ll be ready to deal with any kind of damage!

What Is Winter Property Damage in RI?

Winter property damage in RI is when you have property damage at your home or business during the colder months. Some forms of property damage become more common in the winter than any other time of year while others only happen during the winter. This is due to how cold it gets outside (especially in Rhode Island) or the frequency of wind and snowstorms.

Fire Damage

You wouldn’t think that fire damage would be a popular kind of winter property damage in RI because it’s something that can happen year-round. But there are a few things that pose a fire damage risk during the wintertime.

  • Space Heaters
  • Fireplaces
  • Christmas Lights
  • Cooking
  • Candles
  • Dryer Fires

Roof Leak Damage

Roof leaks happen year-round, just like fires, but are absolutely more common in the fall and winter. Roof leaks turn into interior water damage in a matter of minutes and can be costly if not fixed right away. Thankfully, we’re able to fix leaky roofs quickly and fully so that you won’t have to worry about them happening again.

Ice Dam Damage

ice dam damage in ri
Diagram of Ice Dam Damage from University of Minnesota Extension

Roof Collapse (From Snow)

Rhode Island is prone to some nasty winter storms that result in sometimes feet of snow. Although snow may feel light when it falls, it can quickly accumulate and become very heavy on your roof. After a certain amount of snow, your roof is at risk of collapsing! It is always recommended to keep an eye on how much snow is gathering on your roof and removing it as needed to prevent this dangerous winter property damage in RI.

Storm Damage

Storms can be destructive year-round, but in the winter the addition of hail storms and snowstorms can add to the typical wind and rainstorms. Not only can major hail damage occur in the winter, but the addition of snow to the wind during a blizzard can easily damage the exterior (and interior if it’s bad enough) of your home.

The Most Common Winter Property Damage in RI: Frozen & Burst Pipes

The biggest threat to your home in the winter is a frozen and then burst pipe. When it gets cold enough (20 degrees to be exact), that is when you are susceptible to a frozen pipe. When the ice within the pipe expands, it can cause the pipe to burst to cause major water damage in your home. It’s important to call a professional water damage restoration company in RI to clean up the water damage as soon as you see it to avoid mold damage and further destruction.

What Should You Do After Winter Property Damage in RI?

You already know the answer… call Rhode Island’s best property damage restoration company! We are on call around the clock for any of your winter property damage in RI needs.

Disaster can strike at any time

If you do experience any kind of property damage emergency, RI Restoration is open 24/7, 365 days a year to immediately come out and begin the restoration process at your home or business. 

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