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When Peaceful Protests Turn Violent: Words Of The Vice President

A Message From Shawn McAssey, Vice President of Rhode Island Restoration

Rhode Island Restoration always strives to keep our clients and community safe from all harm. We stand with you to keep your business or property, which you work so hard for, in a safe condition so that you can continue your life and or business on track. During these unprecedented times in America, we know that vandalism and theft are a reality that businesses and homes must prepare for. Rhode Island Restoration is here to aid our community in remaining safe and intact.

As we have seen in the past few weeks, violence, theft, and vandalism have become somewhat of a normal occurrence in many cities and communities throughout the United States. Unfortunately, as peaceful protests begin to end, some groups escalate these protests into violent riots. Small businesses and properties have been set aflame, looted, and infiltrated, leaving property owners helpless. If you are someone who has been affected by the rioting and looting, we sympathize with you and would be more than happy to assist in the repair of your property.

Our main goal is to help our community bounce back from the damage that has taken place. If you have been affected by riots, please know that we may be able to assist you in your path to recovery. As a restoration company, we can remove all debris from the premises, as well as board up any windows or doors that have been broken or damaged. After contacting your local police department, contact Rhode Island Restoration so that we can clean up and secure your property swiftly and thoroughly. Our skilled and experienced staff will arrive at your property quickly to assess the damages. We will put a plan in place to get your property on the road to recovery.
To the members of our community who have not been affected yet but are worried that your property could be in danger, we are here for you too. We have assisted Rhode Islanders in keeping their property safe by boarding up doors and windows to protect their valuable possessions. Please contact us to secure your building prior to damages occurring.

Regardless of the circumstances that have occurred or will occur, Rhode Island Restoration will always be there for our community, keeping it safe and aiding all people in times of distress.

Shawn McAssey

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