Has a Storm Damaged Your Property?

Whether a fallen tree has landed on your roof, strong winds uplifted your shed, or severe rains flooded your basement, your property needs help. Storms can lead to a slew of problems for your home, including leaks, electrical issues, or other general damages. Regardless of the issue, your home needs a fixing. With a wide range of expertise, our team of professionals is trained to respond to storm damage of any kind, and our 24/7 emergency service allows us to do it anytime. We'll show up to the scene immediately, assess the damage to your home, and start working, no matter the issue. Roof repair? Done. Interior water damage? Done. Exterior property damage? You guessed it. Done.
You never know when the next disaster will strike, so you want the best, fastest service for your residential or commercial property. Anytime you need us, Rhode Island's
most trusted restoration company is there.

Why Choose Rhode Island Restoration?  

When it comes to storm damage impacting your residential or commercial property, you never know the full extent of the damage to your home. Our 24/7 emergency services allows us to promptly arrive at the scene and assess the damage using proven techniques and technology. Next, determine the appropriate restoration path so that we can get right to work. Your health and safety is our #1 priority, so we handle each case with both care and urgency. As a trusted leader in restoration services for Rhode Island we use specialized technology and techniques to guarantee a clean, safe, restored property.

Rhode Island Restoration has dealt with the following storms:

-Lightning storms and strikes
-Hurricanes and Tropical Storms
-Tornadoes and High Winds
-Ice and Hail Storms
-Freezing Weather and Ice Dams
-Other Difficult and Dangerous Conditions

Recent Storm Cases  

The Steps We Take

1. You get in touch with our 24-hour emergency services crew.
2. We send a team of experts to assess the damage to your home or business.
3. Using our specialized technology, we decide the best restoration path to take.
4. Depending on your needs, we get started right away.
5. We get the work done efficiently and effectively, and then clean up after ourselves.
6. You get back to your normal life in your safe, restored home or business.

Need Help with Storm Damage?

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