Downtown Providence RI Frozen


Flooded Commercial Building Water Cleanup RI

The Challenge 
While the building manager was out of town, a frozen pipe burst over the weekend on the second floor of a multi-use commercial building in downtown Providence. The burst resulted in flooding with subsequent water damage to the second and first floors. In addition to plumbing and electrical, floors, ceilings, and walls sustained damage.  The challenge was to extract the water, dry all surfaces, and get the building ready for returning office workers as soon as possible.


The Solution
Because a trusted relationship had been formed with the building’s manager, all property damage emergencies were to be directed to Rhode Island Restoration in his absence. After the call for help was received, an emergency crew was immediately dispatched to begin the mitigation process. Prompt measures were also taken to salvage building contents such as office equipment and other valuable assets from total loss. Water extraction was performed in flooded areas. Air movers,  air scrubbers, and dehumidifiers were placed throughout the affected areas to dry and sanitize the area. Plumbing and electrical subcontractors were called to the site to repair the pipe break and diagnose electrical damage. Moisture mapping was conducted daily, first to identify saturated building materials and throughout the project to determine the level of dryness. To address any lingering moisture,  aggressive drying methods were used to complete the mitigation process. To prevent mold, an anti-microbial agent was applied to prevent secondary damage. The insurance company was also called on behalf of the owner to report the incident and begin a property damage claim.  

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup RI A

The Results 
Both the building manager and his commercial tenants were highly satisfied with the level of service they received. The owner was grateful and relieved that  Rhode Island Restoration was able to fulfill all that was required in the emergency  (mitigation, electrical, plumbing, and contents handling) to keep the building up and running during his absence. Because of the rapid response time, secondary damage to the building was prevented.