What Is the Fire Damage Restoration Process In RI?

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After a fire to your home or business, we know how stressful the next steps can be. Sometimes it helps to know the fire damage restoration process in RI to help with calming the anxiety following a fire.

The main thing to know through all of this, by using Rhode Island Restoration as your fire damage restoration company in RI, you are in good hands. We have been restoring properties back to normal after a fire for over 17 years.

Step 1: You get in touch with our 24-hour emergency services crew.

After the fire department arrives, no matter the size of the fire, the first step in the fire damage restoration process in RI is to call a professional fire damage restoration company in order to prevent any further damages from happening.

Most fire damage restoration companies are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so even if it is 2 AM on Christmas, they will be dispatched quickly to your property.

first step in the fire damage restoration process in RI is to call rhode island restoration

Step 2: We send a team of experts to assess the damage to your home or business.

Our restoration team is trained to find any and all signs of fire damage at your property. Not only are they able to see the obvious fire damage, but fires often lead to smoke damage and water damage as well.

Step 3: Using our specialized technology, we decide the best restoration path to take.

A crucial part in the fire damage restoration process in RI is using the proper technology to assess your damages in order to determine what kind of restoration work is needed. The size of the fire and the amount of your property and contents that have been touched by the fire will both determine what is needed to restore your property.

Step 4: Depending on your needs, we get started right away.

Fire damage, smoke damage, and water damage get worse and more destructive as time passes. So, we will begin restoring your property by doing the following things:

Ensuring that the structure of the property is in sound condition

• Remove debris and contents that are damaged beyond repair

• Set up air scrubbers, air movers, and dehumidifiers to clean the property from smoke/soot damage and water damage

• Start deodorizing and deep cleaning the property

Obviously, some restoration jobs require more or less restoration work than others. We pride ourselves in doing the exact amount your specific situation requires to ensure two things: that you do not overpay for our services and that your property is fully restored and doesn’t require any extra steps.

Step 5: We get the work done efficiently and effectively and then clean up after ourselves.

It is no use in coming out to restore your property if we don’t do it correctly and leave your property in good, clean shape. Depending on how large of a fire you had, we might need to come back multiple times to complete different restoration tasks. Some things, like leaving air scrubbers and dehumidifiers to dry out the water from the fire department, take a couple of days to work.

Regardless of what restoration work needs to be done, our team’s main priority is to keep you and your family/staff safe.

Step 6: You get back to your normal life in your safe, restored home or business.

This is the best part of the fire damage restoration process in RI! Your home is officially restored. From here, you have 2 additional steps to complete:

Hiring A Public Adjuster

A public adjuster will fight to get you the money you need from your insurance company to cover the costs of the fire damage restoration as well as any additional expenses like cleaning/replacing your contents (furniture, clothes, electronics, etc. that were affected), temporary housing if your home was deemed unsafe after the fire, loss of income if you couldn’t do business after the fire, and more

Hiring Contractors to Bring Your Property Back to Normal

Although we were able to do the fire damage restoration, you may still need things like interior work, painting, flooring, etc. Thankfully, Rhode Island Restoration does interior work (contact us for more information). Other than that, we have a vast network of contractors that we can put you in touch with to either make it look like the fire never happened or even make it look better than before!

Rhode Island Restoration Is Your Top Choice for A Fire Damage Restoration Company in RI

We are here for you when you have a fire in your Rhode Island home or business property. Let us take the stress of fire away when you call us at 401-834-FIRE (3473) or by filling out a contact form here. We are a Rhode Island-only company because we see the value in being close and personal with our clients.

Disaster can strike at any time

If you do experience any kind of property damage emergency, RI Restoration is open 24/7, 365 days a year to immediately come out and begin the restoration process at your home or business. 

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