How to Prepare for a Severe Storm

Storm Prep

The wind is an easy thing to underestimate. If caught off guard, your home could end up taking unnecessary damage. By knowing how to prepare your home for a storm, you can optimize your home and property in the event of extreme weather, such as strong winds and heavy rainfall. 8 Ways to Prepare Your […]

Understanding Mold Damage In RI

Mold is the resulting effect of letting water damage or any type of water leak sit for too long in one spot. In some cases, mold can be easily detected, but you never know what is going on inside of your walls. The main issue with mold damage in RI is that it can grow […]

When Peaceful Protests Turn Violent: Words Of The Vice President

ri restoration projects

A Message From Shawn McAssey, Vice President of Rhode Island Restoration Rhode Island Restoration always strives to keep our clients and community safe from all harm. We stand with you to keep your business or property, which you work so hard for, in a safe condition so that you can continue your life and or […]