Can Automatic Sprinkler Systems Cause Water Damage to My Property?

As the weather warms up in spring and summer, Rhode Island homeowners and businesses alike maintain their lawns and gardens with the help of automatic sprinkler systems. But the desire for a healthy green lawn also comes with the risk of water damage. Many factors can contribute to this damage, so take preventative measures to protect the structural integrity of your home or business. Be proactive and you will enjoy a worry-free summer and your sprinkler system will keep your lawn and garden thriving.

Sprinkler systems simplify watering your lawn, but they can also cause water damage to your property. Whether it’s due to mechanical or human mistakes, water damage can lead to serious problems and high costs.

Reasons why sprinklers can cause water damage.


Burst Sprinkler Pipes
Serious water damage will occur if regular maintenance is not performed on your sprinkler system’s network of pipes and hoses. A burst sprinkler pipe can be prevented by performing annual maintenance.

Because the sprinkler system is connected to your home’s water line, a major cause of water damage is burst pipes. Burst pipes flood gallons of water inside a property or create sunken areas in the lawn. Water damage also occurs when misaligned sprinklers cause overspray that hits the walls and foundation of the property and not the landscape as intended.

Also, if the underground pipes aren’t installed correctly and leaking hoses and tubes run too near the foundation, water can make its way inside the crawlspace leading to health risks like mold and mildew.

Here are some basic warning signs that something isn’t right with your sprinkler system:

  • Higher water usage on your water bill
  • An increase in your sewer bill
  • Soft spots or indentations in your yard
  • Water leaking into your basement or seeping from the walls
  • Musty or moldy odors


Sprinkler Overspray Damage
This sprinkler is watering the lawn and garden as intended, but it’s also dousing the side of the house with a continuous stream of high-pressure water. Sprinkler overspray can cause serious damage to the interior and exterior of a property.

By being aware of the reasons why your sprinkler system may malfunction and implementing a few preventative measures, you can avoid devastating water damage. But if it occurs, Rhode Island Restoration’s water restoration professionals are trained to promptly identify the underlying cause and will help you restore your home back to its prior condition.

Our services include water removal, structural drying, and checking for mold damage. We will also suggest an appropriate professional to fix the sprinkler problem. Rhode Island Restoration offers 24/7 emergency service to help keep your property from harm.

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